Page last updated February 2, 2014 All Time Most Successful Major League Baseball Franchises Spring Training is just around the corner.  Looking forward to great 2014 season! This website was created for the Lillie Family in Pleasanton, California Ranking the 10 Best and Worst Major League Franchises 1. New York Yankees 21. Los Angeles Angels 2. St. Louis Cardinals 22. Tampa Bay Rays 3. San Francisco Giants 23. Philadelphia Phillies 4. Los Angeles Dodgers 24. Colorado Rockies 5. Boston Red Sox 25. Houston Astros 6. Oakland Athletics 26. Milwaukee Brewers 7. Cincinnati Reds 27. San Diego Padres 8. Detroit Tigers 28. Texas Rangers 9. Pittsburg Pirates 29. Washington Nationals 10. Atlanta Braves 30. Seattle Mariners Made with MAGIX It seems like everywhere these days there are top ten lists or rankings for everything from automobiles to zoos.  So we decided to get into the action too.  While our household is split on favorite teams, I can happily say that each of our family members’ favorite teams made the playoffs last year.  I won’t say any more about which teams for fear of a family argument.  This list was developed trying to utilize a weighted average that was comprised of 1.  30% for winning percentage 2.  30% for number of years in existence per League Pennant 3.  30% for number of years in existence per World Series Win 4.  10% for number of years in existence per Hall of Fame Inductee