Major John Lillie (1755 -1801)       Major John Lillie Page last updated February 2, 2014 Made with MAGIX While researching Lillie family history I came across this interesting book written by Edward Lillie Pierce who was the grandson of Major John Lillie through his mother’s side of the family.  The book describes a certificate given to Major Lillie by then General George Washington, Commander of the Continental Army on December 1, 1783.  This would have been 22 days before George Washington resigned as Commander of the Continental Army after the Revolutionary War was over.  The following is a text of the certificate per Edward Lillie Pierce’s book: Whereas, Captain John Lillie hath behaved with great propriety during his military service, I have therefore thought proper to grant this certificate, thereby making known that the said Captain Lillie entered the army as a second lieutenant of artillery the 1st of May 1775; that he was appointed to the first lieutenancy in the year 1776, to captain-lieutenancy in the year 1777 and in August, 1780, was promoted to Captain. He was also promoted to aid-de-camp to Major-General Knox on the first day of May, 1782. In all which several stations and capacities I do hereby further certify and make it known that the aforesaid Captain Lillie has conducted himself on all occasions with dignity, bravery, and intelligence. Given under my hand and seal this 1st December, 1783. G Washington  The Lillie family that eventually settled in Western Michigan is not descended from Major John Lillie of Boston or his well documented loyalist uncle, Theophilus Lillie, also of Boston. The Lillie Family of Western Michigan most likely is descended from a Samuel Lillie from Reading, Massachusetts.  On Page 78 of the book it mentions that this Samuel Lillie was in Sutton, Massachusetts in 1720 before moving to Woodstock, Connecticut.